Inaugural Fasion?

Last night, I was watching the evening news. They had a couple of stories about Obaba’s inauguration events. After the political side of things, they dove into fashion. Really? They spent ten minutes talking about how all these designers wanted Mrs. Obama to wear their dress (like that was new) but how she picked some other dress. Then they talked about the fashions that the Obama children were wearing.

Since when is fashion news? And what does that have to do with political commentary? If they were airing this on an entertainment channel or a fashion channel — or even Bravo, I could understand focusing that much time on drivel. But the nightly news isn’t the place fashion commentary. At least not at the top of the hour. Maybe put it after sports and weather. You know, those useless “puff” pieces they have to fill out the rest of the half hour so there’s no dead air. Its about as fun to watch as those high speed car chases where they always catch the guy anyway. That’s not “news” either.